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Upcoming Features for DoggieDashboard in 2019

Last Updated: April 11, 2019

A note from Patrick, the owner and programmer of DoggieDashboard. That guy over there! -------->

Hi guys,
Over the last two months, I've been making a ton of "invisible" changes to DoggieDashboard. There haven't been many new features released in the last two months, but the underlying code has undergone a drastic spring cleaning. The old code was removed and much faster code was put in its place. This "code makeover" should be finished in about two weeks and then I can start working on new features again.

Here's what's going to be upcoming in the next few months:

1. Employee Punch Clock & Basic Payroll Features

2. Secondary Logins for Employees. Owners will be able to restrict employee access to certain pages.

3. Easier to Use Redeemable Passes

4. Basic Credit Card Billing (Using as payment processor)

5. Email Marketing Functionality (Send Mass Emails to Clients)

6. Adding a "Pickup Required?" field to appointments. This will be helpful for pet taxi businesses.

7. Multi-Pet Appointments (instead of two separate appointments)

8. Text Message Appointment Reminders (will cost extra)

9. Owner Logins to Save and Update Their Pets and Request Appointments

10. Appointment Already Paid? Check Box

11. Invoice Deposit Section

12. And a whole lot more!

If you have any features that you'd love to see in DoggieDashboard, please leave them in the Facebook comments below!


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