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Running a Successful Pet Care Business | DoggieDashboard Blog

Upcoming Changes to Free Monthly Maximums

DoggieDashboard Free is still free, but it won't allow unlimited pet and owner creation.

New Redeemable Pass System for DoggieDashboard

The current redeemable pass system for DoggieDashboard is outdated. It's time to start from scratch.

Upcoming Changes for New Appointments Calendar

DoggieDashboard's appointment calendar is getting a major makeover. Here are the changes.

Upcoming changes to DoggieDashboard Invoices

DoggieDashboard invoices will be getting a major facelift. Here's what's happening.

How to Calculate the Break-Even Point for Your Doggie Daycare

The breakeven point of a business is when you start making a profit after paying off your expenses. Here's how to find yours.

Setting the Calendar Start Date for DoggieDashboard

When using DoggieDashboard, you can decide to have the calendar start with Monday or with Sunday.

Business Spotlight : Indy's Dogs in Indianapolis, IN

In today's DoggieDashboard Business Spotlight, we feature Indy's Dogs from Indianapolis, Indiana.

How to Use Facebook Post Scheduling Tool at your Doggie Daycare

Facebook's new post scheduling tool is great for planning future promotional posts for your doggie daycare. Here's how to use it.

Business Spotlight : Kaehla's Kritters in Virginia Beach, VA

In today's DoggieDashboard Business Spotlight we feature Kaehla's Kritters from Virginia Beach, Virginia.

3 Ways Facebook Messenger can Benefit your Doggie Daycare

Facebook Messenger is a great tool when it comes to communicating with your daycare clients. Here are three easy ways to use it at your pet hotel.

Business Spotlight: Sneary's Grooming in Lima, OH

In today's DoggieDashboard Business Spotlight we feature Sneary's Grooming from Lima, Ohio.

5 Steps for Starting a Doggie Daycare or Pet Boarding Hotel

Starting a doggie daycare can be an rather daunting task. However, as they say, one step at a time. We'll break down the steps so you can get started.

Business Spotlight : Eagle K-9 Academy in Bethany, CT

In this week's DoggieDashboard Business Spotlight, we feature Eagle K-9 Academy from Bethany, Connecticut.

4 Must-Have Sections When Building Your Doggie Daycare Website

When you decide to start building a website for your doggie daycare, here are four must-have features that you can't go without.

3 Ways to Use Email Marketing for your Doggie Daycare

Running a doggie daycare or boarding kennel is a full-time job. Leverage email marketing to start generating more clients and bringing back old clients.

5 Tips for Starting a Refer a Friend Program for Your Doggie Daycare

Refer a friend programs are a great way to get your current doggie daycare clients to bring in their friends. Here's how to start one.

5 Simple Ways to Grow Your Dog Boarding and Kennel Business

Owning a doggie daycare is a hard business. Here are 5 ways to help grow your business.

How to Start a Doggie Daycare From Home

Starting a doggie daycare from your home is a great way to make money. Here's how to do it.

How to Use Instagram for Pet Daycare Marketing

If you're the owner of a doggie daycare, you're probably wondered how to use Instagram to market your business. Here's how.

6 Advertising Strategies to Get More Doggie Daycare Customers

Getting new customers for your doggie daycare is hard work. Here are some tips to start getting more clients in your doors.

5 Best Locations for Starting a Doggie Daycare Business

Starting a doggie daycare depends a lot on your location. Here are 5 great starting points.

4 Social Media Marketing Tips for Dog Daycares

If you're a dog daycare looking to increase your social media presence, here are four simple tips to get started.

4 New Years Resolutions for Doggie Daycare Owners

Welcome to 2018! Let's make this a great year for doggie daycare owners!

3 Steps for Choosing a Doggie Daycare Name

Choosing a name for your doggie daycare could be the difference between success and failure.

3 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Doggie Daycare

Thinking of starting a doggie daycare? Here are 3 questions to ask yourself before you start.

3 Benefits of Using Free Kennel Management Software

Using kennel management software is a great way to keep track of your clients and their pets.