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A dog daycare is a unique business that requires a special type of care and attention for both dogs and their owners. If your customers aren't happy with their experience at your business, there's a good chance that the next time they need to board Fido while they go on vacation, they're going to try your competitor and see how they like them. The customer experience is a crucial aspect of running a successful dog daycare, and it is essential to make sure that it is as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Customer experience can be the make or break between running a successful dog daycare and one that has to shut down because it runs out of money.

Here are ten ways to improve the customer experience at your dog daycare:

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

The first impression is the most important, so make sure that your dog daycare has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This could include a bright and open space, comfortable seating areas for owners, and friendly staff members to greet them. First impressions are just as important for businesses as they are for people, and if your clients don't feel comfortable when they come in for their first visit tour, they might not come back for a second.

Offer a Tour

Before their first visit, offer a tour of your facility to owners and their dogs. This allows them to see the space and become familiar with it, and also gives you an opportunity to explain your policies and procedures. Many DoggieDashboard users (dog daycare owners) offer a first visit tour, where they can walk the prospective client around their facility, show them the different play areas, etc. Having a no-string-attached first visit tour can help alleviate any anxiety that your clients have about leaving their pet(s) at your business.

Provide Clear Information

Make sure that all of your policies, procedures, and guidelines are clearly outlined and communicated to owners. This includes things like drop-off and pick-up times, vaccination requirements, and behavior policies. If your clients have to search your website numerous times to find out what is required of them before they drop off their pet, they might decide to go somewhere else. Make sure that your website has an area that clearly outlines exactly what documents you require from them.

Make it Easy to Schedule

Make it easy for owners to schedule their dog's visits to your daycare. This could include offering online scheduling or a simple phone reservation system. DoggieDashboard users have access to an online appointment request form, where their clients can quickly request appointments for their pets. Businesses can also give their clients (pet owners) access to an owner portal, where the client can see invoices that are due, upcoming appointments, etc.

Maintain Cleanliness

A clean and hygienic facility is essential for both the health and happiness of the dogs in your care. Regularly clean and sanitize your daycare to maintain a high level of cleanliness. Make it a point to develop a cleaning schedule that includes all daily, weekly and monthly cleaning duties. This way, you'll never get behind the eight ball when it comes to having a clean facility. Everyone will know their cleaning duties and your facility will be spick and span.

Provide Play Areas

Dogs love to play and socialize, so make sure that your daycare has plenty of room for them to do so. This could include play areas, toys, and other interactive elements. If your facility is large enough to have an outdoor area, that's great. Dogs love a good run in the sun. If your facility is purely indoor, try to break off certain areas so that small dogs have a rest area where they won't be bothered by the larger dogs. If they can feel safe to take a nap, they'll return to their owners in a better mood.

Encourage Socialization

Encourage socialization between dogs by allowing them to play together in groups and providing opportunities for them to interact with one another. Dogs, just like humans, benefit from social interaction. They're pack animals, so if they have the chance to bond with other dogs, they'll be happier. Happy dogs mean happy clients, and that's the name of the game.

Offer a Variety of Activities

Provide a variety of activities and entertainment options for dogs to enjoy while they are at your daycare. This could include games, training sessions, and other interactive elements. If your space allows for it, think about adding a splash pool for your pets. Dogs can't get enough of playing in a pool and your clients will love it that their dogs come home tired and ready for bed.

Keep Owners Informed

Regularly update owners on their dog's activities and progress at your daycare. This could include photos, videos, and reports on their behavior and interactions with other dogs. Using DoggieDashboard, you can easily send photo updates to your clients. These pictures can be things like their dog playing with others, their dog after his groom is finished, etc. What a great way to brighten Fido's owner's day at their office job than to receive a nice picture from your daycare.

Listen to Feedback

Ask owners for feedback on their experiences at your daycare and listen to what they have to say. Use their suggestions and opinions to make improvements and enhance the customer experience. It goes without saying that you're going to deal with unhappy clients while you're running your business. Instead of getting angry, use their feedback to improve your business so that whatever happened doesn't happen again.

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