2020 DoggieDashboard Spring Cleaning

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I hope everyone is weathering the Coronavirus storm as best as possible. Let's all hope this thing can come to a close as quickly as possible with as little pain as possible.

This has been a very busy winter for DoggieDashboard. I've launched almost 15 new features in the last three months and I have a bunch more that will be launching in the early summer.

It's now time, however, to do a little spring cleaning. With the reduced website traffic caused by the COVID-19 slowdown for businesses, it's the perfect time for me to retune the "engine" of DoggieDashboard.

For the next few weeks, I will not be launching any new features. During this time, I will be doing a thorough update of the internal code that runs DoggieDashboard. There's code that I wrote in 2016 that will be much faster once updated. The app should get noticeably quicker over the next month, but no new features will be showing up. In car terms, I'm switching out an old engine for a new engine. The car will still look and feel the same, it'll just be a whole lot faster.

Thanks for using DoggieDashboard and stay safe out there!

- Patrick

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