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Upselling is a common technique used in various businesses to increase revenue, and doggie daycares and boarding kennels are no exception. Instead of having to go out and find new customers, which can sometimes be a difficult task, you can increase your revenue by making more money off your current client base. By offering additional services and products to customers, dog daycares can increase their profits and improve the overall customer experience.

Here are five strategies for you to consider for upselling at your dog daycare and kennel boarding business. Some might be a perfect fit for your business whereas others might be a little harder to implement. Take a look at all of them and see which ones will work for you.

1. Offer Grooming Services

Grooming is a natural upsell for dog daycares and it's a great way to add extra money to your bank account. By offering grooming services such as bathing, haircuts, and nail trims, you can provide extra value to your customers and increase your revenue. Make sure to have trained professionals on staff to perform these services. You'll need to go about hiring groomers and setting up the studio space for them, but once you're up and running, it could be a nice boost in business. You could also think about renting space to outside groomers, kind of like how hair salons do it. Something to think about.

2. Sell Dog Food and Treats

By stocking high-quality dog food and treats, you can provide customers with a convenient option for their dog's daily nutrition. Most dog daycares require their clients to provide their own food, but it's always good to have your own brand that you use (and that maybe your clients will start buying from you). Offer a loyalty program to encourage repeat purchases and build customer loyalty. You can look into becoming a vendor of a certain brand and get it at discounted rates from the supplier.

3. Offer Training Classes

Training classes can be a great way to increase revenue and provide added value to your customers. You can offer basic obedience classes, puppy classes, and even specialized classes like agility training. If your clients are already bringing their dogs to your business, there's a good chance that they might be interested in putting Fido in a training course to get over his anxiety, etc. Once again, you'll have to go about hiring the trainers, unless you're already a certified trainer, but once you have a trainer on staff, you can start advertising and booking classes.

4. Add a Photo Booth

We think this has to be one of the cutest ways to start making some extra money at your business. Many dog owners love to capture memories of their dogs and would be happy to pay for professional-looking photos. Offer an option to add a photo booth to their dog's daycare experience, which can be an exciting and fun way to increase revenue. There are numerous companies out there that are able to help you set up a booth, so it's never too late to add one at your business.

5. Partner with Local Pet-Related Businesses

By partnering with local pet-related businesses, you can offer complementary services and increase your customer base. For example, you can partner with a local pet store to provide discounts to customers, or offer dog walking services for those who need additional care for their pet. Mutually-beneficial business relationships are one of the best things ever, since you can both benefit from the relationship. Maybe your clients get a discount at the local food store and the local food store gives out coupons to your business if someone spends more than $50 for example. The ideas are limitless. Get out there and start making connections!

6. Offer Premium Services

Consider offering premium services such as one-on-one playtime, dog massages, and specialized grooming. These services can be offered at a premium price, providing a new source of revenue for your business. Pet owners are known for having a large amount of discretionary income, so there's a good chance that some of your clients would be willing to pay for extra services.

7. Add a Doggy Boutique

Consider adding a doggy boutique to your daycare, where pet owners can purchase toys, treats, and other pet-related merchandise. This can be a great way to generate additional income while also providing value to your customers. This could be as simple as a little corner of your front entry where you have different items available for quick purchase. Think of it like the checkout line impulse purchases at the grocery store. Even if you don't really NEED that pack of gum, you see it and think, why not? The same goes for pet owners. Maybe they see a bag of dental sticks and think it would be a good idea to have some extras at home.

8. Upgrade Your Amenities

Consider upgrading your daycare's amenities such as adding an indoor play area or providing a special doggy spa. These upgrades can not only add value for pet owners but also increase revenue for your business. Adding a doggie pool, and then selling it as an extra service, like Puppy Pool Time, is a great way to give your clients extra value and also boost that bottom line.

By implementing the above upselling strategies, you can increase your revenue and provide added value to your customers. Remember, the key is to keep your focus on providing quality service and products to your customers, while also finding ways to maximize your profits. If they're already your clients, it's easier to provide extra services and increase income, and that's the bottom line when it comes to running a dog daycare or boarding kennel.

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