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How come when I mark an appointment as paid, it doesn't automatically mark the invoice as paid?

Why can't I connect an entire month of appointments to one invoice?

I've heard these questions for quite some time and I've always thought the same thing. It didn't make sense that adjusting an appointment wouldn't automatically adjust the invoice. It didn't make sense to connect only one set of appointments to an invoice. An invoice should be able to cover at least a month's worth of appointments if necessary. However, because of how invoices and appointments were coded in 2018, it just wasn't possible.

That said, after a LONG coding process over the last year, things are about to change.

Starting in early December 2023, if an appointment is connected to an invoice, updating the appointment's payment status will update the invoice's payment status as well as all appointments connected to that invoice.

In mid-December 2023, you'll be able to connect multiple sets of appointments to one invoice. Imagine selecting Fido's last 30 daycare appointments and creating ONE invoice for all 30 appointments. That's the idea.

In order to get here, DoggieDashboard's invoice payment status and appointment payment status need to become uniform.

If an appointment is connected to an invoice and the appointment is set to paid, the invoice will be set to paid.

The same goes for invoices. If an invoice is set to paid, all associated appointments will also be set to paid.

If an invoice is set to 'Active' all the associated appointments will get set to Payment Required.

If an invoice is set to 'Draft/Open' all the associated appointments will have their payment statuses reset.

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