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DoggieDashboard has a feature called Blackout Dates that lets you not accept appointments on certain days of the month. This is especially useful if you're closing for a week of vacation and want to make sure your employees (or even yourself) don't schedule an appointment on one of those days. It also stops people from requesting an appointment on any of those dates on your Appointment Request Page.

These dates used to get blacked out on your appointment date selector (the second image below).

However, to make your Blackout Dates even easier to identify, they will soon show up in pink on your calendar, so you can quickly see which dates on your calendar are "Don't Schedule Appointments Here!" dates and which dates are available for appointments.

Below are three images. The first image is the "Blackout Date" creator inside the DoggieDashboard app. You simply click the dates you want to black out and they'll turn red on this calendar. The second image shows how the dates are no longer selectable on the dropdown appointment calendar. The last image shows the upcoming change where the Blackout Dates will now have a light pink background on the appointment calendar.

This update will appear on or around January 15, 2020.

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