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Most businesses that use DoggieDashboard's "booking slot" calendar use it for keeping track of their kennel appointments. That's the first example below.

However, you can also use it for keeping track of daycare appointments, a mixture of appointments, in-home boarding appointments, etc. It's really up to you!

Check out the examples below to see how other businesses are setting up their "booking slot" calendar to their advantage.

Kennel Booking Slot Example

Below is a very common usage of the booking slot calendar. This boarding kennel created one booking slot per kennel and now they can see exactly which kennels are full and which are available.

Daycare Booking Slot Example

In the example below, this business created 10 dog daycare slots. Each pet is assigned to one of these 10 daycare slots. This way, the business can see exactly how many slots are filled each day and how many are still available.

Multi-Type Booking Slot Example

This business has five daycare slots, two grooming slots, and three overnight boarding slots. They can quickly glance at their booking calendar and see who's here for daycare, who has a grooming appointment and who is sleeping overnight.

In-Home Boarding Booking Slot Example

The example below is a small in-home pet boarding operation. The owner has her clients' pets sleep in different areas of her house. In order to see which areas of the house are already full, she named her booking slots the names of the places where the pets sleep. Clever!

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