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In the example to the right, this business has 14 appointment types (only seven are shown). Some of them are the default types, like boarding, daycare, and grooming, whereas three are custom, Boarding (Groom Included), Grooming | Bath Package, and Kelly Grooming.

As you can see in the image, Boarding (Groom Included) and Kelly Grooming both have custom background colors. Previously, these custom colors only showed up for single-day appointments, like the grooming appointment on September 19 for Goose on the calendar below. However, based on lots of user feedback, the custom colors will now be shown on multi-day appointments as well.

If you create a multi-day appointment without a custom-color appointment type, it will show up on the calendar like it always does, with green being the arrival day, yellow the overnight days, and red the day of pickup. Charlie's boarding appointment below shows this color scheme.

However, you can see that Luna's appointment during the same time frame is purple in color. This is because that appointment is using the Boarding (Groom Included) appointment type which has a lavender custom color.

Starting October 1, any appointment that uses a custom background color appointment type will be displayed in that color instead of following the green-yellow-red color scheme.

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