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DoggieDashboard now gives you the ability to add custom appointment types as well as custom appointment icons. Here are just a few of the available icons: ✂ïļ,💈,🛁,💅,ðŸšŋ,ðŸ§―,ðŸĐš,🏆,🐈,ðŸą,ðŸĶī,ðŸķ,🐕,ðŸū,ðŸĶŽ,ðŸĶœ,ðŸĶ…,🐇,ðŸ’Ī

Now, instead of using the default appointment types with the default calendar icons, you can save custom appointment types, each with its own special calendar icon. Enjoy!

Watch the short video below to get started:

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