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DoggieDashboard has come a long way since it was first started in 2014. For the majority of that time, it was just a simple online database of pets and owners. However, since the introduction of DoggieDashboard Premium in 2018, the platform has grown into a full-featured application that offers nearly 50 features that it didn't include in 2017. In order to keep updating DoggieDashboard with new features, I've decided to cap the pet limits on DoggieDashboard's original Free version. There used to be 24 free pets per year, but this will be reduced to 0 free pets per year. As I promised back in 2015, the software will still be free for those who signed up in before 2018, however, there will no longer be any more free pets. If you find that DoggieDashboard helps you run your business, I'd ask that you help support my business (DoggieDashboard) and sign up for DoggieDashboard Premium. Thanks -Patrick Jones

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