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Why are classes only one day?

One of the key features of the DoggieDashboard training module is the ability to track individual course attendance, as well as course-specific notes for each individual pet. If a course lasted three days, when you created a note for the first day, it would show up for all three days. Also, if a pet attended the first day of a course and you marked "Attended", it would automatically mark the next two days "Attended" as well, even if they skipped the second and third day. This day-specific granularity gives you, the business owner, the ability to track exactly what you worked on during the first day, second day, third day, etc, instead of cramming all those notes into one section.

How do I create a multi-day course?

In order to facilitate the creation of multi-day courses, I've created a "Duplicate Course" button. Click on the course you want to duplicate, and click the blue "Duplicate" course button. Choose the date you want to duplicate the course on, and the entire course(pets included), will get recreated on that new day.

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