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As we're all well aware, positive Google and Facebook reviews are extremely important to the success of your dog daycare, kennel, grooming shop, etc. Having more reviews makes you show up higher in Google searches, and having a higher number of Facebook reviews will make you show up higher in the Newsfeed as well.

Using the DoggieDashboard Review Tracker, you can keep track of which clients have left you a review and which clients have not left you a review. There's even a handy tool for sending them a quick email asking them to leave a review.

Step 1: Go through list and mark any clients that have already left you a review in the past. Click the ❌ to make it a ✅ .
Step 2: Send out a personalized email to each client that has recently had an appointment, asking them to leave a review.
Step 3: As clients start posting reviews online, mark the appropriate column (Facebook/Google) for that pet owner.
Step 4: A week after your first email, send a follow-up email reminding them to leave a review.

More reviews = more clients = more revenue!

Watch this short tutorial video to see how the Review Tracker works.

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