Transaction Category Financials Report (Useful for Coronavirus Cancelations)

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This new feature helps you better visualize the "Transaction Category" aspect of the DoggieDashboard Financial's section.

Coronavirus Update:

If your nation is providing assistance to small business owners affected by Coronavirus, here's some important information.

When a pet owner cancels an appointment due to Coronavirus, do not delete the appointment from your DoggieDashboard calendar, as you cannot "restore" deleted appointments. Simply update the 'Note' section of the appointment with something like 'COVID-19 CANCELATION' or similar. In order to keep track of how much revenue you lost, visit the 'Financials' section of DoggieDashboard and create an 'Expense' record with the lost value of the appointment, and label it 'Coronavirus' or similar in the 'Transaction Category' field.

Then, using the new Financial Entries by Transaction Category report, you can see your revenue streams and expenses broken down by category. You can now use this report to show reported losses due to Covid-19 cancellations.

When all is said and done, you may want to go back and delete those 'Coronavirus' expense entries, since they are not technically payments you made, like rent, utilities and phone bills, but for now, it provides an easy way to track lost income. Watch the video below to see how it works.

Stay safe out there everyone!


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