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Hi! I'm Patrick, the guy who created DoggieDashboard. Thanks for signing up!

Most users find DoggieDashboard very user-friendly. That was my goal when coding it. 😀

Most pet software tends to be very confusing and complex. DoggieDashboard, on the other day, is so easy to use that even someone with very few computer skills can easily figure it out.

Even if you don't like using computers, you'll be able to figure out DoggieDashboard in a couple hours.

To help get you started using DoggieDashboard even quicker, I created the video series below that walks you through each step.

Watch the videos below and you'll be a DoggieDashboard Pro in no time!

⭐ ⭐ Once you're done with these videos, click here to check out the entire help video section. ⭐ ⭐

Step 1. Completing Your Business Profile

Step 2. Saving Your First Clients

Step 3. Saving Your First Pets

Step 4. Saving Your First Appointments

Step 5. Saving Your First Kennel Appointments

Step 6. Checking In & Checking Out Pets

Step 7. Creating & Using Redeemable Passes

Step 8. Creating Invoices

Step 9. Creating Financial Entries

Step 10. Other Cool Features

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