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halloween thanksgiving pet holiday card
If you dog daycare, boarding kennel facility or grooming/walking business is looking for a great way to build client relationships, there's no better way than printing out some cute holiday cards.

Your clients will love it, and they'll most likely put those holiday cards on their fridge. The next time a friend stops over that has a pet, they just might see it and ask where your client got it from. Then your client can brag about how great your business is and you just might get a new client out of the deal. Success!

A whole slew of new holiday cards were just added to DoggieDashboard and there are more on the way. The newest additions are for Thanksgiving, Halloween and Trick-or-Treating. They're perfect for this time of the year. New ones will be added for Christmas as well as Easter and any other holidays that people request.

Visit the Marketing section of DoggieDashboard and click on Holiday Cards to get started.


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