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When setting up your DoggieDashboard account, you can choose your default homepage calendar. Read about the calendar options below and then visit the "Business Settings" menu to select your default calendar. Questions? Ask here.

Standard Calendar

The 'Standard' calendar accepts all types of appointments and does not require a "kennel" assignment for your appointments. This calendar is best suited for all types of businesses that don't have pre-built "kennels" or "runs" at their facility. Even if you are a boarding facility that does boarding in owner-provided crates, or free-roam boarding, this is the calendar that you'll want to use.

Kennel Calendar

If your business is a traditional boarding kennel, you'll want to use select the "Kennel Calendar" as your default calendar. This calendar gives you an organized view of your entire kennel layout, to see which pets are staying in which kennels, as well as when they're arriving and when they're leaving. In the example below, you can see the business has four dog kennels/runs, named Kennel #1, Kennel #2, Kennel #3 and Kennel #4, followed by two cat-specific slots, named Cat #1 and Cat #2. When you set up your DoggieDashboard account, you'll have the ability to create an unlimited number of kennels/runs. It's entirely up to you what you name them, but that just gives you an idea of their flexibility.

The Kennel option displays a 7-day Kennel calendar and not a monthly calendar since displaying large numbers of kennels will slow down your DoggieDashboard account. For a kennel with just 20 runs, each day of the calendar needs to have 20 kennels "drawn" inside it. For a 30 day month, that's 600 kennels getting "drawn" by the app. Printing that calendar would be equal to about a 15-page PDF document. Just scrolling through an entire month would take you several minutes. For that reason, just a weekly calendar is shown. Use the 'Previous & Next' arrow keys or the "Jump to Date" option to quickly scroll through weekly views.

Hybrid Calendar

The Hybrid Calendar is the best of both worlds. It allows businesses that have both non-kennel appointments like grooming, as well as kennel-based boarding appointments. By selecting 'Hybrid' as your default kennel, you can quickly see your entire business in a glance. Non-kennel appointments are on the top, while kennel appointments are located below.

Hybrid Calendar

Grooming Calendar

If you're a grooming business and you use your calendar for tracking just grooming appointments, you can select "Grooming" and then your grooming calendar will show up on the homepage. This calendar only shows grooming-type appointments, so if you save a "Boarding" appointment, it will not show up on this calendar.

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