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Social media marketing has become one of the most fundamental marketing mediums on the 2000s. If you're a pet business owner, it's probably become a bit daunting trying to keep up with all the latest social media marketing tools for your doggie daycare. Over the course of the next few weeks, I'll be writing up social media marketing guides for doggie daycares and pet boarding facilities. Use these guides to get started in the world of social media marketing for your pet kennel. If you're interested, there are also some great online social media marketing courses.

This week, we're going to talk about Instagram. Unless you've been living under a rock for the last 10 years, Instagram is all the rage when it comes to posting and sharing pictures online.

Start a Daily Daycare Instagram Picture Post

One of the easiest ways to start using Instagram for your dog boarding kennel is to post a daily picture of one of your pets. Keep your phone handy during the day and make it a point to snap a couple pictures of your dogs playing with one another throughout the day. Whenever you think you've snapped some Instagram gold, post it online with a clever little caption about the dogs playing. This will start to get people following your Instagram feed, as well as feed the algorithm information on what types of posts you'll be creating. It's also a great way to keep pet parents up to date about how their fur babies are doing throughout the day.

Post Marketing Coupons and Promotional Materials

If you're looking for a cost effective way to disseminate marketing materials and coupons, look no further than an Instagram post. Create some online promotional coupons and post them for your followers. Maybe offer a free stay coupon or some other type of deal. Ask that the person show the post in order to redeem the deal. Ideally, you'll see some people coming into your business with their phone in their hand, asking to redeem the free day of daycare deal that you posted online.

Partner with Local Shelters to Cross Post Information

If you're having a hard time gaining Instagram followers for your business, first off, do not purchase them. I know it can seem appealing to purchase 10K followers for $100, but these followers are nothing more than Russian robots that like millions of posts a day. Instagram is smart enough to know which followers are robots and which followers are real, and you're likely to get punished by their algorithm when they realize that you're purchasing followers. Back to the story. So, in order to gain real followers, work with the local animal shelters in your area to start cross posting information. You can post information about their shelter, and they can make references to your business when deemed appropriate.

Make It a Point to Interact with Commenters

I've been talking a lot about the Instagram algorithm in this post, but it's important to understand how it works. If you're interacting with people making comments, it means you're active and engaged with your followers. This is what Facebook's algorithm wants to see, and since Instagram is owned by Facebook, it's easy to see how the sites are similar. So, make sure that you reply to every comment that people post on your pictures. This will encourage your posts to show up in the feeds of more followers, get more interactions, and continue the process. The more you interact with your followers, the more Instagram will show your posts to other people.

Last but not least, if you're looking for some slick online software to manage your doggie daycare, check out DoggieDashboard.

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