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As the pet industry continues to grow (and MAN is it growing!), it's essential for dog daycare and boarding kennels business owners to stay up to date with the latest industry trends and changes. Keeping track of these developments can give you an advantage over your competition, help you attract more customers, and ultimately drive the success of your business. If your competition is up to date on trends and you fall behind, there's a good chance that you'll be losing out on business.

Here are 6 ways to stay informed and ahead of the curve in the dog daycare industry:

1. Attend Pet Industry Trade Shows

Attending trade shows and events specifically for the pet industry is a great way to network with other professionals, learn about new products and services, and stay informed about current trends and changes in the market. There a plethora of trade shows every year, so it shouldn't be too hard to find one that is in your area. You can even make an event out of it. Use it as a chance to take your family or partner on vacation. You can spend a few hours per day at the trade show and then spend the rest of your time exploring the city.

2. Follow Industry News

Keep an eye on websites and news sources that cover the pet industry. This will help you stay informed about any major changes or developments in the market and give you insights into what your competitors are up to. Is there a new type of dog boarding that is starting to become popular? Who knows? The only way you'll be able to know is if you're staying up to date with the industry. For example, 20 years ago, "luxury pet boarding" wasn't a thing, but it sure is now!

3. Stay Active on Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are excellent sources of information and inspiration for dog daycare owners. Follow industry leaders, dog daycare and boarding kennel associations, and pet industry influencers to stay informed and up-to-date. If you're a groomer, make sure you're following all the "famous" groomers on Instagram and Facebook. This way, you can see what they're doing and then integrate it into your business. If you're a daycare or boarding facility, do the same. See who is the most popular in the industry and learn from them. Watch how they utilize social media and make it a point to emulate them.

4. Participate in Online Communities

Joining online communities, such as forums, groups, and discussion boards, that cater to dog daycare owners can be a great way to exchange ideas and information with other professionals. You can also get answers to questions, learn from others' experiences, and gain valuable insights into the industry. There are numerous Facebook groups out there for dog daycare owners (like this one). Do a Facebook search for a group that aligns with your business and join. You'll be able to spitball with other business owners and see what's working and what isn't.

5. Join Professional Organizations

Joining professional organizations like the International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA) can provide you with access to valuable resources, industry news, and networking opportunities with other professionals in the field. Almost all organizations have a well-run newsletter that you can look forward to reading each month. This will be full of tips that you might not have considered.

6. Conduct Market Research

Regularly conducting market research can help you identify changes in consumer preferences, stay ahead of the competition, and understand what you need to do to attract and retain customers. This can include surveys, focus groups, and monitoring social media and online forums to gauge consumer opinions. Every couple of month or so, make it a point to check out your local competitor's websites to see what they're offering that you're not. Did your competition just start offering pick-up and drop-off services? Maybe it's time that your business does the same.

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