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DoggieDashboard has two calendars, one for kennel-based appointments, and one for non-kennel appointments. The reason for two separate calendars is because the homepage calendar doesn't have a "kennel" option when you create appointments. You'll notice there is a "Boarding" option on the homepage calendar appointment creator. This is for owner-provided kennel boarding, in-house boarding, or "free-roam" boarding. If your business has kennels with specific names, you'll want to use the Kennel Calendar.

Most doggie daycares are "free roam" or "pack" daycares where the pets are all together based on size, with small dogs playing in one area and larger dogs playing in another. The pets are free to roam and are not crated during their stay. Even most small-scale boarding kennels require that dogs sleep in a SPECIFIC kennel. You just let the pets sleep on the bed with you or in their owner-provided kennel. 😃

That said, there are still many kennel-based boarding businesses that are required to have each pet in a specific kennel for the length of their stay. These are the more traditional "boarding kennels" that have assigned "runs" for each pet during their stay. For this reason, DoggieDashboard must have a kennel calendar that shows the business's kennels, as well as the occupant inside of each kennel.

Since the majority of DoggieDashboard users are small daycares (and not boarding kennels), the two calendars are separate to keep the app as simple as possible.

You'll notice that there is a "boarding" appointment option on the homepage calendar. This is for businesses that do in-home boarding. If you're simply watching two or three dogs in your house for clients, you most likely don't need to keep a calendar of which dog sleeps where. You just let them sleep where they want. For you, the homepage calendar makes sense. However, if you're boarding 20 dogs and each dog needs a kennel/run, you'll want to use the kennel calendar.

Hope that makes a little more sense!

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