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DoggieDashboard will be moving away from calling them kennels and will begin to call them slots over the next couple of months.

Nothing will change regarding the functionality of the "kennel" calendar, but it will become known as the "Slot" calendar throughout the software.

The word Kennel doesn't work for all businesses. Some businesses call them kennels, others call them Runs, some call them Rooms and some are even using the kennel calendar to better organize their daily daycare, grooming and boarding appointments (like the example below).

If you're a kennel boarding business, then calling them kennels makes sense. However, a large percentage of DoggieDashboard users do in-home or owner-crate boarding, so having a "Kennel" calendar doesn't make sense, since dogs are never in kennels. Calling it a "slot" calendar will work for everyone because every appointment is a type of slot, be it a daycare slot, grooming slot, boarding slot, etc.

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