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New Client Registration Form Instructions

Last Updated: June 18, 2019

Numerous users have asked why there isn't an e-Signing feature for the client waiver. Integrating with an e-Signing app would increase DoggieDashboard's monthly price from $25/month to at least $60/month. In order to keep the price low, I've decided to not integrate with any e-Signing apps.

Here's an overview of how the New Client Registration Form works.

Step 1: A new client visits your online form and submits their personal and pet information.
Step 2: Once the client clicks submit, DoggieDashboard sends you an email with the client information.
Step 3. If you want to approve the client information and add them to your database, click the 'Accept' link in the email.
Step 4: After clicking the 'Accept' link, you're taken to DoggieDashboard where you can edit and approve the information.

If you decide to include a "custom message" and "client waiver URL" in your Business Settings menu, they will automatically be included at the top of your "New Client Registration Form" page (see image below).

Custom Message: For the custom message, you can tell new clients about any necessary documents they need to bring to their first appointment (proof of specific vaccinations) or any other important information they need to know..

Client Waiver: If you'd like to have your clients sign a waiver, you can include a link to your business's waiver and DoggieDashboard will create a link instructing clients to print and sign it before the first appointment.

Make sure the URL includes "http://" or "https://" at the beginning. Example:

For legal reasons, DoggieDashboard cannot provide users with any legal documents, such as new client waivers. Please speak to your legal attorney for such documents.

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