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Maintaining up to date vaccines is one of the most important things that pet owners can do for their pets. Making sure those vaccines are up to date is also one of the most time consuming aspects of running a doggie daycare or boarding facility.

If you're the owner of a pet-service business, be it a doggie daycare or boarding kennel, you're well aware of the need for monitoring pet vaccines for upcoming expirations. For many business owners, it's also an area of frustration since trying to manage three, four or even five different vaccines per pet using a spreadsheet can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

DoggieDashboard is an online software platform that helps pet-service business owners manage their facility. One of the most popular features of the software is the pet vaccine monitoring functionality.

Vaccine Tracking using DoggieDashboard

Below is a five-step overview of how DoggieDashboard's vaccine expiration monitoring system works:

1. Enter the Trackable Vaccines into the System

As you're well aware, dog vaccination requirements can vary from state to state, and from country to country. The vaccines that dogs in the UK are required to have are not the same as Kentucky's vaccination requirements. Because of this, DoggieDashboard's platform gives business owners the ability to set up the vaccines that they want to track and monitor.

Businesses are able to track up to five separate vaccines. In the example to the right, you can see that this business is tracking the standard core of Rabies, DPP and Bordetella. These three vaccines tend to be required almost everywhere in the world (though not everywhere). Then fourth "vaccine" that this business is tracking is the pet's fecal examination date. The fifth vaccine slot is left blank, meaning it will not show up throughout the software. If this business decides to start tracking a fifth vaccine, they just need to type it's name into slot #5.

2. Select the Vaccine Expiration Timeframe

Since you're a dog daycare owner, you probably have some type of vaccination policy at your business. If you don't, here's a good example to follow. It's important to know when your clients' pets have vaccines that are about the expire. Using DoggieDashboard, you can set a "timeframe" for how far in the future you want to know about expired vaccines. This means that the system will run through your pets every single day and notify you about any pets that have vaccines expiring within the upcoming timeframe. There's the option of two weeks in the future, four weeks in the future and eight weeks in the future. The default value is set at two months in the future (8 weeks). This way, you'll have plenty of time to notify your clients that they need to contact their vet to get updated vaccines.

3. Enter the Pet's Vaccine Expiration Dates

Once you've entered the vaccines you want to monitor into DoggieDashboard, you can start entering pet vaccine expiration dates into the software.

To get started, you can do this either when you create a new pet record, or by going into a current pet record and updating the dates. As you can see in the example to right, because this business is only tracking four vaccines, there are only four vaccine date slots showing. Simply click inside the box and a pop-up calendar will appear. Select the pet's vaccine expiration date and it will save inside the input field.

Once the dates have been entered into the system, they will display in the pet's profile as shown in the example to the right. Any vaccines that are expired will be highlighted in red and any valid vaccines will be displayed in black font. Ideally, you won't be seeing too much red ink, otherwise that means that you have a pet in your database with expired vaccines.

4. Check Your Homepage for Upcoming Vaccine Expirations

The entire DoggieDashboard pet vaccine monitoring system comes together at the homepage of the software. Every morning, the system runs through your entire database of pets (except archived ones) and checks their vaccine expiration dates against the current date. If the date of the expiration falls within the expiration timeframe that you've selected, the pet will be flagged as having vaccination requirements.

On the homepage, after clicking the "Pets with Vaccine Alerts" button, you'll be shown a list of all your pets with expired vaccines, as well as a list of pets that have vaccines that are about to expire. You can click on any of the individual pet names to visit their profile. You can also send a mass email to all pet owners if necessary.

5. Send a Vaccine Expiration Reminder Email to the Pet Owner

Now that you know which pets have vaccines that are about to expire, it's time to start contacting their owners to make sure that they send you updated vaccine information. DoggieDashboard makes this extremely simple. Simply visit the pet's profile and then click the "Send Vaccination Email" button. This will open a pre-filled email form that you can quickly edit and send off to your client. If you've already sent them a vaccine reminder email in the past, it will display above the email form (so that your staff doesn't continually email clients over and over).

As you can see, DoggieDashboard makes it extremely simple to track and monitor pet vaccines at your doggie daycare and boarding business. Simply enter the vaccine names you want to track, set a timeframe and let the system keep you up to date about pets with soon-to-expire vaccines.

If you're interested in giving DoggieDashboard a try, click here to sign up for a free 10-pet account.

Image by Mirko Sajkov from Pixabay

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