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Opening and running a pet daycare and boarding business can be tough work. One of the hardest aspects can be keeping track of all your pets' vaccine records. Is Fido's rabies vaccine about to expire? If so, he can't be part of the pack. What about Dexter's DPP vaccine? The list goes on! Not to mention, letting a pet's vaccines expire can be dangerous to their health.

By far, one of the most popular features of DoggieDashboard is the automated pet vaccine expiration notification system (seen below). Using this feature of the website, you're able to keep track of all your pet vaccines in one place. You can even set the "notification window" to notify you if your pets have vaccines expiring in two weeks, one month or two months.

Using the "Vaccine Reminder Emails" feature, you can even send out customized emails to pet owners to let them know that you need to get new vaccine information on file.

Vaccine Tracking using DoggieDashboard

Automatically keeping track of pet vaccines at your doggie daycare or kennel is extremely simple with DoggieDashboard.

Here are the three main steps:

Step 1. Save the pet's current vaccines in the pet's information profile

DoggieDashboard give you the ability to store up to five separate vaccines per pet. You can customize the names of all these vaccines for your specific needs. Once you have your required vaccines set up within DoggieDashboard, all you need to do is type in the date of expiration for each vaccine.

Step 2. DoggieDashboard Automatically Notifies You about Expired Vaccines

Every single morning, DoggieDashboard automatically goes through your entire pet database to let you know if any of your pets have vaccines that are expired, or vaccines that are about to expire. You can even tell the system how much of a warning you want about expirations, either 2 weeks from now, 4 weeks from now, or 8 weeks from now. This gives you plenty of warning time to get new vaccines on file for your dog daycare pets.

Step 3. Use the Pre-Written "Overdue Vaccines" Email Feature to Notify Clients

In order to make updating your pet vaccines easier, DoggieDashboard has a prewritten "Vaccine Expiration Notice" email that you can send to your clients. The app also keeps track of the last time that you emailed your client about expired pet vaccines so that you don't annoy your kennel clients with too many emails.

If you're the owner of a pet-service business and need a way to keep track of your pet vaccines, give DoggieDashboard a try. It's free for the first 10 clients and pets, so you can get a feel for the software before deciding if you want to upgrade to the Premium version which offers unlimited pet and owner storage.

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