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When a business's DoggieDashboard account is cancelled (for late payment or because the owner shut it down), the software automatically deactivates their appointment request page and new client form page. This is because they are no longer using the software, so these pages should shut down as well.

If your business has four consecutive declined payments, your DoggieDashboard Premium account will automatically shut down because our payment processor will not let us try to process any more payments using your current card on file. As a result, your new client form and appointment request pages will be deactivated until you re-upgrade to DoggieDashboard and reactivate them.

Once you re-upgrade your DoggieDashboard Premium account, here's how to reactivate those pages.

How to Reactivate the Appointment Request Page

Visit the Account Settings menu and select YES to the "Do you want to use DoggieDashboard's Appointment Request Page feature?" question.

Then click the 'Updated Settings' button. Done!

How to Reactivate the New Client Registration Form

Visit the New Client Form Settings page and select YES to the "Do you want the New Client Registration form activated for your business?" question.

Then click the 'Updated Settings' button. Done!

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