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As a dog kennel owner, offering various boarding options to your clients is essential to accommodating the different needs and preferences of dogs and their owners. From standard kennel stays to luxury suites, the range of boarding options available to dog owners has grown in recent years, providing kennel owners with the opportunity to attract a wider range of clients and increase their revenue.

Pet owners are willing to spend big bucks on their pets, so it makes sense, from a business perspective, that your business is giving your clients several options when it comes to pampering their pets. You'll have your clients that don't really care about where exactly their pet sleeps, so they'll most likely use the lower cost options, but you'll also most likely have clients that are willing to spend the extra $10-$20 per night for better accommodations, and that extra money will go a long way towards increasing your yearly revenue.

In this blog post, we'll explore three different types of boarding options that dog kennel owners can offer to their clients.

Standard Kennel Stays

This is the most basic type of boarding option and typically involves a dog staying in a cage or kennel with a bed, food and water bowls, and plenty of space to move around. This type of boarding is suitable for dogs that are used to being confined in a small space, such as at home when their owners are away. Most kennel businesses have a section of standard kennels that have outdoor access doors so that the dogs can easily be released into the outdoor play area. This is the easiest type of boarding to provide, as your facility can include a large amount of kennels. There are also many modular options that you can purchase if you're looking to add this type of boarding to your present daycare facility. Just buy a 10-unit model and put it on your property (following zoning rules of course) and you're set.

Luxury Suites

For dogs and owners who prefer a more luxurious experience, luxury suites are a great option. These spacious rooms are typically equipped with comfortable beds, televisions, and other amenities, and provide dogs with. By offering a luxury option at your boarding kennel, you're giving yourself a great way to increase your monthly revenue. Pet owners love to spoil their dogs, so why not give them the option of paying a bit more and letting you spoil Fido while they're on vacation. These suites are going to take up more room than your standard boarding kennel, so you won't be able to get as many of them into the same amount of space. Run the numbers to see if it makes more sense to go with purely standard boarding kennels, or if it makes sense to do a mix of standard kennels and luxury suites.

In-Home Boarding

For pet owners who want to provide their dogs with a more home-like environment, in-home boarding is a great option. In this type of boarding, dogs stay in the homes of trained caretakers, who provide them with the same level of attention and care as they would receive at home. In-home boarding is by far the easiest type of boarding, since you are just keeping the pets in your house, along with your own pets. You'll always want to make sure that you have crates available at night time, since sometimes it's better to crate the pets before you close the door of the boarding room. The last thing you want is an issue with dogs fighting while you're sleeping.

No matter which type of boarding option you choose, it's important to have clear and detailed policies in place, such as vaccination requirements and food restrictions. It's also important to make sure that your staff is trained to handle any unexpected situations that may arise. By offering a variety of boarding options and having a well-trained staff, you can help ensure that your dog kennel is a safe and comfortable place for your customers' pets.

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