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If you're the owner of a pet boarding business, you're most likely looking for ways to increase your client interactions. More client interactions equal more business and more business is the name of the game.

We'll start with a few questions. First, does your business have an active Facebook profile? Two, how often are you posting client pet pictures? We'll hope that you have an active business page. If you don't, get on it! If you have a page and you're not posting daily picture, in this article, we're going to discuss three ways that posting pet pictures on your business's Facebook page will help your business grow.

1. Posting Pictures Gives your Clients an Easy Way to See Their Pets

This one goes without saying, but posting daily pet pictures on your Facebook feed helps your clients see their pets. There are some webcam offerings out there for pet daycare, but they tend to cost quite a bit of money. Plus, webcams are notorious for grainy images and they're not that easy to navigate. Instead of investing in a webcam, you can simply use your cellphone and take a daily picture of each of your pets that day. Post it on Facebook with or without a comment, and then go about your day. Your clients will certainly stop by your page during the day to see their little fur baby, and you'll create a stronger business relationship between the two of you.

2. Increased Interaction with Your Facebook Page will Boost Newsfeed Showing

The Facebook algorithm is tricky. Some people claim that they know how it works, and then it turns out that they were totally wrong. Either way, we can all agree with the fact that the more you interact with a certain page or friend profile, the more often that page shows up in your newsfeed. Using this bit of information, you can use daily doggie daycare pictures as a way to increase your newsfeed presence. If you're posting pictures of your kennel clients during the day, and those pet parents are coming to your Facebook page to see them, you're going to be teaching the FB algorithm that these pet parents are interested in your page. That means that when you do other postings, they're more likely to show up on these pages.

3. Cross-Pollination from Other Pet Owners Seeing their Friends Comment on Pictures

Last but not least, there's always the chance of cross-pollination from posting pet pictures on Facebook. Let's make up an example scenario. George and Linda have a dog(Zane) that they drop off at Pawz Daycare. Pawz posts daily pictures of Zane on their business Facebook page. George and/or Linda are sure to comment once in a while on these pet pictures. People LOVE commenting on pet pictures. Well, what do you know, Kelly, a friend of George and Linda, sees their picture comment on her FB newsfeed. She doesn't know about Pawz daycare, but now she does. The next time she needs to drop off her dog for the weekend, she remembers Pawz and calls them for the reservation. Just like that, a simple Facebook picture got Pawz a new client that could turn into thousands of dollars in additional business.

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