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Hi everyone,
Starting in July 2018, users of the original DoggieDashboard Free will be able to create a maximum of 10 new pets and 10 new owners per month before hitting their monthly maximum. The yearly maximum for new DoggieDashboard Free users is 20 pets and 20 owners, so original users are getting a sweet deal with 120 new pets and 120 new owners per year. It pays to have signed up early like you did.

When I started DoggieDashboard in 2015, I told users that DoggieDashboard would be free if they signed up early, and I'm sticking by my promise to keep it free. As always, the app continues to function for free. (New users must pay to use DoggieDashboard)

I've put thousands of hours into coding DoggieDashboard and I'm very proud of what it has become. I truly hope you find it to be a valuable tool. However, unlike Facebook or Google, DoggieDashboard is just a one person company, there are no investors paying the bills. I work a day job and program DoggieDashboard at night. The unfortunate truth is that as DoggieDashboard continues to grow, so does the monthly cost of servers and image hosting. Every single pet, owner, pass, check-in, etc that is saved in the database increases the monthly cost of storage.

If you're a free user that doesn't create more than 10 new pets or clients per month, nothing will change. If you're a power user creating 10+ new pets/clients per month, you'll have to make the decision if using DoggieDashboard Premium is worth $25/month.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Thanks for being part of DoggieDashboard,

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