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Occasionally, a DoggieDashboard users asks why they can't make their multi-day overnight boarding appointments recur daily. I'll use Bella's appointment below to show why you can't have a multi-day overnight appointment recur daily:

Bella arrives for her overnight appointment on Sunday, June 7th at 7:30am and gets picked up on Tuesday, June 9th at 5:30pm.

When DoggieDashboard creates daily recurring appointments, it creates the same appointment one day in the future by adding 24 hours to the starting time and 24 hours to the ending time. This works great for daily daycare appointments that start and end on the same day. When DoggieDashboard recurs a Sunday, June 7th 8am-5pm daycare appointment, it creates an appointment on Monday June 8th from 8am to 5pm, Tuesday, June 9th from 8am to 5pm, etc like the example below for Gypsy.

However, when you have a multi-day appointment and DoggieDashboard duplicates the same appointment the next day, you get overlapping appointments: Sunday ⭢ Tuesday, Monday ⭢ Wednesday, Tuesday ⭢ Thursday. As you can see below, this is not what you want to happen. It creates three overlapping appointments.

What most users are trying to accomplish is create a weekly recurring boarding appointment. If Bella comes in every Sunday to Tuesday for an overnight appointment, make that appointment recur weekly and you'll get the result you want.

Hopefully that helps explain the coding complexity of recurring appointments. Thanks! -Patrick

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