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When it comes to advertising for your doggie daycare and pet boarding kennel, there are hundreds of different options out there. You can go with Facebook advertising (be careful though), print advertising, radio advertising, purely word-of-mouth, and the list goes on. The choice is yours and yours alone. However, this post isn't about what type of marketing you should do for your doggie daycare, this post is about building a customer radius map for your business. Not familiar with the customer radius map? Here we go!

1. What is a customer radius map?

A customer radius map is a way to visually see where your clients are coming from, geographically speaking. Knowing where your customers are coming from can serve a variety of purposes from tracking advertising campaign success to finding patterns in word-of-mouth advertising. It never hurts to understand your clients better and a customer radius map will help you do just that.

2. How do you build a customer radius map?

The easiest way to get started building your customer radius map is to sit down on Google Maps and start dropping pins. The version below wasn't created with pins, but you still get the general idea. This can be a rather tedious process since you need to go through your entire customer list and enter in their address so as to drop a pin on that location. If you're a DoggieDashboard user, you can simply export your client list and copy and paste your down through your customer list. Once you have all your pins dropped, you should have something that looks like the image below. The next step is to start drawing takeaways from the map.

customer marketing radius map for dog kennels

3. Developing Key Takeaways from your Doggie Daycare Customer Radius Map

Once you have your completed customer radius map, you can start looking for patterns and clues to your businesses current business climate. One of the easiest things you can do with your customer radius map is to look for potential advertising areas. In the example above, you can see that the business is located a little bit south of downtown Denver. However, the majority of customers are coming from the Cherry Creek neighborhood. This could be a clue that you should be doing some more advertising in this area. Maybe do a localized mailer campaign with the post office. You already have a lot of word-of-mouth clients in the neighborhood, so a flyer campaign might get more pet owners in the area asking around for recommendations. You'll be the first one on the tops of everyone's mind. Besides marketing use, you can also use your customer radius map to figure out future expansion plans. If you notice that you're starting to get a lot of pet owners in a certain area, maybe that will be the location of your second branch. Those pet owners can start using the new one and you can start attracting new clients to your original facility. The possibilities are endless. Enjoy!

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