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printable pdf certificate for dog walking businesses
Are you thinking about opening a dog walking business? If so, it's a great idea. The dog walking industry has been growing quickly and now that Covid is coming to a close (we hope), people are going to be going back to the office and there's going to be a need for dog walkers more than ever. Once your business is up and running, feel free to use this free PDF dog walking certificate to give to your clients after a successful walk. It's a nice way to show your appreciation for your clients as well as a nice way to help make your business shine above the rest when pet owners are making the decision about who they want walking their little fur baby.

Here are three fun ways you can use the walking certificate at your business:

1. Give Out Walking Certificate to Each New Client after First Walk

The most basic way to take advantage of walking certificates is to print them out after a pet's first walk with your business and then hand it to the client when you drop off the pet. You can add a picture using DoggieDashboard, or you can simply print out the template about and fill it in with a pen. Your clients will appreciate the gesture and they might even put it up on their fridge and then tell their friends about your business when they have them over for a future dinner party.

2. Use the Walking Certificate as a Punch Card Pass

You can add punch card type boxes to the bottom of the certificate and then your clients can use it to keep track of how many more walks they have with your business. The template above doesn't include the punch card feature, but you can simply draw some boxes on the bottom of the PDF certificate and then hand them to your clients. This is a great way to pre-sell your services so that you have more upfront revenue.

3. Post Walking Certificates on Facebook so Clients Can Share on Their Wall

Besides handing the certificate to your clients, you can also upload them to your business's Facebook wall so that it gets spread across social media. Your clients will most likely share the certificate on their own wall and it might work as a great way to generate more clients for your business.

Besides the walking certificate, we also have numerous other certificates available for download. Get started below:

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