Pet Grooming Business Profit Forecasting Excel Spreadsheet

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pet grooming business income profit forecasting spreadsheet
If you've worked as a pet groomer for salon, there's almost a 100% chance that you've thought about branching out and opening up your own location. What's better than being your own boss, setting your own prices and not having to ask if you can take a day off to enjoy a sunny day?

The pet grooming industry has been booming for at least a decade and it doesn't show any signs of slowing down. People are spending more on their pets now than they have ever done in the past. More and more people are giving their pets the treatment they deserve and this translates to huge potential revenue for a pet grooming business like the one you're currently thinking about starting.

However, the reality of opening a pet grooming business can be quite daunting. There's a lot of work that goes into the process and then you have to figure out if all that work is going to pay off financially. That's where the Pet Grooming Business Income Forecasting Spreadsheet comes into the picture. Using this spreadsheet, you can get a clear picture of your future business's financial health.

To get started, watch the YouTube video below and then follow these simple steps to get started:

Step 1: Download a copy of the spreadsheet to your computer or Google Drive account.
The first thing you'll need to do is download a copy of the spreadsheet to your computer or your Google Docs account. The spreadsheet is not "editable" in the current state, since otherwise people would edit it and then it wouldn't work for other businesses. Download a fresh copy and then you can edit it to your heart's desire.

Step 2: Clear out all yellow cell values so that your spreadsheet is completely empty.
Make sure to clear out all the values in the yellow cells. The yellow cells are the ONLY cells that you should be entering numbers into. Everything else is 100% automated using formulas.

Step 3: Guestimate your monthly financial expenses.
Once you've cleared the yellow cells, you can start filling them in and playing around with different values for rent, expenses, start-up costs, etc.

Step 4: Calculate your average grooming price.
After you've entered your expenses, you can calculate your average grooming cost. There's a good chance you'll be doing some $30 basic grooms and some $100 full-service grooms, so you'll need to use a number somewhere in the middle. You can always change this value to see how much it changes your monthly revenue.

Step 5: Play around with different values to see how much your revenue fluctuates.
Once you have all your numbers entered into the yellow cells, you can start playing around with them to see it affects your revenue. If you can find a place for $500 less in rent, how much does that increase your profit? If you increase your average grooming price from $50 to $75, how much does your revenue increase? Have fun and play around to find the perfect combination of revenue and expenses. Watch the YouTube video below for a quick tutorial showing how to use the spreadsheet.

What the YouTube tutorial video below to see how the spreadsheet works:

Click on the image below to visit the spreadsheet page and download a copy:

profit forecasting spreadsheet for pet grooming business

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